Global financial trade cloud smart
community based on blockchain

Blockchain and
big data

Blockchain is a all-history database storage technology that can't be tampered. The gigantic block data sets cover all the transactions in the history.

Blockchain can guarantee a complete ledger, however, the statistic and analytical ability of the data in ledger is weak.

Big data can exactly complement with blockchain and improve the blockchain data value and use scenarios, since its features massive data storage technology and flexible and efficient analytical capability.

Background of financial

Finance has a much higher dependency on data than other industries, and is much easier in monetization of data.Fintech is reshaping the financial industry ecosystem dramatically. It is generally accepted that finance is not possible without technology. The tremendous strategic value of blockchain has drawn attention from the financial sector globally.

Pain points
in the market

Credit investigation issues

Information asymmetry issues

Cost issues

Credit investigation issues

Individual's credit is a serious issue in the financial industry. The unreliable tampered fake data will provide no reference to following financial behaviors, and might affect the judge of various financial scenarios and result in financial loss or financial safety.

Information asymmetry issues

Finance is a credit-based circulation of capital. There is no good credit unless the market participants possess good amount of information.Empirically, serious information asymmetry issues in financial activities might be risks.

Cost issues

·  Payment and clearance

·  Assets management

·  Securities

·  User identification

Public Financial Trade Chain

Public Financial Trade Chain is a global financial trade cloud smart platform built by Public Financial Trade Chain Foundation. It takes PFT Token (hereinafter referred as PFT) as media, uses blockchain technology, integrates the application and business scenarios of financial industry and financial ecological chain, utilizes smart contract and Token system, targets at decentralized, true, fair and transparent global financial trade data industry, brings value to the financial trade data by blockchain technology and application, and provides database-generated reference for those who have financial behavior need.

Application Scenarios

Financial trade data community

Considering the PoE function of blockchain, Public Financial Trade Chain can justify the data ownership of financial trade data. It generates a commercial application for individuals and institutions to retrieve trade data and access special data on Public Financial Trade Chain. Such community is built by and serves all the people, all the data information are true, effective and permanently stored.

Customized financial trade reference model

Referring to the PoE issue of blockchain and the massive true trade data of stock, foreign exchange, future, spot etc. in Public Financial Trade Chain, people who need data could pay to call historical trade data, customize financial trade reference model by smart technology, analyze historical trade trend and simulate the current trade behavior.

Financial assets management platform on the chain

All kinds of financial assets, such as equity, bond, bill, beneficiary certificate and warehouse receipt, can be integrated into Public Financial Trade Chain and become digital financial assets on the chain, so that asset owner can initiate transaction without intermediary.

ID authentication, recognition and interaction system

With the help of blockchain technology, Public Financial Trade Chain can easily manage digital ID information efficiently, create smart interaction system between customers and institutions based on huge amount of true transaction data, improve the customer identification efficiency and reduce the cost without compromising customers’ privacy.

PFT Token

Introduction of token

Function of token

Mechanism of token issuance

Introduction of token

PFT Token (hereinafter referred as PFT) is a digital encrypted virtual currency for financial trade information data, community incentive mechanism and rare trade data contribution behavior. It is based on blockchain and smart contract technology. PFT provides running media as Token on the financial trade data platform built by blockchain.

Function of token

On the Public Financial Trade chain, all the contributions will get PFT incentive, while any resource consumption will use PFT.

PFT incentive is received by contributing weights in the consensus mechanism, and PFT use is up to how much resource is used.

PFT is a criterion to weigh the value transfer, as well as a fundamental asset on the Public Financial Trade chain.

Mechanism of token issuance

Total issuance of PFT: 100 million


Privately Offered Fund: 40%

Founding team and developing team: 10% (restricted to 4 years)

Community incentive, global promotion and cooperation incentive: 10%

Public Financial Trade Chain Foundation: 20%

Project reservation: 20%


  •    日本副首相:虚拟货币虽变了名称,但相关税制未变

    据Cointelegraph Japan消息,日本内阁副首相兼财务大臣麻生太郎在 20 日召开的参议院财政金融委员会上表示,虽然内阁会议通过了有关将虚拟货币名称改为加密资产的决议,但此前在《资金结算法》上的定义并未改变,因此在税制上,虚拟货币属于杂项收入这一解释并未改变。

  •    IBM副总裁: 20 亿人支撑数字货币行业的增长

    据ambcrypto消息,在Money 20/ 20 峰会上,IBM区块链和数字货币副总裁Jesse Lund谈到了高公司在全球 72 个地区推出的IBM Blockchain World Wire的相关内容。

    Lund表示,全球约有 20 亿成年人,无法获得金融服务或银行账户,但有超过 10 亿人可以使用能够存储数字资产的智能手机。实际上新的生意正在诞生,因为世界上有 20 亿人现在可以成为这个全球金融经济的一部分,这一因素是支付行业增长的原因。

  •    PFT on the line OTCBTC

    Dear users:

    PFT will launch OTCBTC ( on February 27, 2018 and  open PFT Deposit and Withdraw at 12:00, and officially opening the trading  on the OTCBTC platform at 14:00 on February 27, 2018. 

         PFT team

    February 27, 2018

  •    PFT on the line BTC98

    Dear users:

    PFT will launch BTC98 ( on February 23, 2018 and has opened PFT Deposit and Withdraw, and officially opening the trading  on the BTC98 platform at 15:00 on February 23, 2018. 

         PFT team

    February 22, 2018

  •    PFT on the line Coinyee

    Dear users: 

    PFT launched Coinyee ( on January 22, 2018 and has opened PFT Deposit and Withdraw, and officially opened the trading  on the Coinyee platform at 6:30 on January 22, 2018. 

       PFT team 

    January 22, 2018


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